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Actor Nick Name: Cheran (director)

Actor Cheran Photo GalleryCheran is a Tamil film director and actor, who has a reputation for directing and producing culturally strong films. His movies are characterised by their realism and the strong social messages that they convey. He has won the National Award twice, one for Most Entertaining Film in 2004 (for Autograph) and the other for Vetri Kodi Kattu (which won Best Film of 2000 dealing with social issues).

Born at Pazhaiyurpatty, near Melur in Madurai district, Tamil Nadu. His father was a cinema (machine) operator and his mother was a school nursery school teacher. Cheran nurtured his acting skills by the stage dramas enacted in those days during local festival seasons.

He went on grooming himself and his dreams by undergoing self-designed rehearsals by himself standing in front of the mirror, speaking out the film dialogues of Sivaji Ganesan, which he carried out with the accompanying acting gestures.He was worn out after he ran away from home to Chennai with dreams of becoming an actor.

As his endless chasings after people and cinema studios for getting cinema chances proved to be failures, his hopes were shattered. At last, putting an end to his day-dreaming of becoming a film actor, he succeeded in turning his attention towards the other sides of film-making.

Actor Cheran Photo GalleryHe learnt the art of film direction under the mentorship of director K.S Ravikumar.He earned the reputation of remaining a good film director capable of making quality films. This became possible only through his directional ventures, starting from Bharathi Kannamma to Paandavar Boomi. While directing Paandavar Boomi he demonstrated to the artistes how to enact their part.

The film’s cameraman Thangarbachchaan noticed this and identified the actor in him during such instances and introduced him as an actor in Solla Marantha Kathai. The people, on their part, have accepted him as an actor too. Cheran is a person who is against selling pirated VCD’s. He conducted raids in his own style to stop them.Cheran began his career as an assistant to K.S. Ravikumar. The young man caught the attention of the film producer, Henry.

Henry was the producer of the Malayalam film Yavanika directed by K.G. George. Consequent to the success of that movie,he made his entry into Tamil Cinema with Kolangal, a subject based on a girl rescued from the red light area in Mumbai who faces social problems back home in Chennai. Henry insisted that the film should not only be commercial but also have a strong social theme.


  1. Dear Cheren sir,

    You are the icon of middle class man; who can come became a famous VIP when work hard!!!!

    i always like your movies, and your bold talkings!!!! i like to work as assistant director with you, but my health not permits me as i am 42 with Asthma discease.
    I suffered a lot in my life, i dreamed to became a famous writer or singer, director.. etc in my young age, but not able to do because no one guide me, but my daughter can fulfil my dreams; but she is very shyful because she aged 15 now.
    Talents and Hardwork will get “success fruit”
    Thank you for the opportunity!!!! Wishing you all success, my regards to your family. Can you pls give your contact no and mail id? as i want your friendship…….
    My mail id is vkindira2008@gmail.com and my mob # is 9094129570.

    With love / Kalyani Vaidyanathan

  2. dear sir,my name is shameema.iam in bangkok. but my native is nagore.i know u took the pokkisam film in nagore.after seeing the film i didnt sleep for two days because you took my story which was held in the same nagore.in nagore the people are very orthodox they dont come out from their circles.really you have a gutts to take this film in nagore.i do for my nagore in my children school vacation.please reply for me sir .iam expecting yourreply,thanking you.my mail id

  3. Sir,
    I like your movies because the thoughts you try to tell people through your movies is really touched our hearts. I am Originally from Madras and from 1996 living in Maryland,USA.With my family of which husband and three daughters.In 1997 I got chance to met family friend and distant relative from Virginia,USA. One of the surprice he is looking like you. The second one is the same date of birth, wanna belive it, yes you have to.If you want I will send his pictures.He has his wife and two adorable active,talented children. Whenever we meet we always talk a little about you. Good luck for your future projects.You are the pokkisham of film industry.There is no word for your valuable Autograph.
    I really rasithupparkkiren your moviesai.
    Email is eabraham150@gmail.com

  4. The true love is like ghost, everyone talks about it, but only few seen it……I don’t believe it exist until I saw your movie “Pokkisham”………..You are really great inspiration of all us…..Keep making a nice movies and educate our generation…

    Good people will be remembered as blessing there are very few as precious as like you and that’s the reason why I keep in touch with you…

    I would like to meet you soon as person….Please keep in touch whenever you are free…

  5. Respective
    yes i have watched all your movies and moves i don’t remember the names.but you took me drive back my past life.i watch it again and again.i want to watch your movies without blinking my eyes.but its not possible you know.i blink and blink and taste my tears.ya it hurts.from miles away how can you do this .are you a magician.or what.your movies speak’s to me in my dailylife. I am a tamil male .i still don’t understand where i belong to.tamil nadu or karnataka. like that river .i like you overhall
    wishing you for your bright future,
    regards from Sun ray,

  6. hi
    I am your great fan.
    you are a real great director. but who shall be blamed for Thiruvallavar standing alone.for a long time .do you won with the foul rules.cool i was just kidding.keep doing the same job .
    wishing you the sucesss with bright future.
    I quit. regards from Rickshaw man.

    Raj_00637291@yahoo.com 0508547669

  7. Dear Director Cheran,

    Recently saw your movie Pokkisham. You have given us yet another gem. I had read that you were discouraged by the box office reception for the film. This should actually tell you something about the caliber of the audience you are dealing with rather than make you reconsider the way you tell stories. But you probably already know that. So let me tell you why I like your movies: They tell of recognizable ordinary people’s (lower to middle middle class) lives in small and mid-size towns rather than of urban glitzy young-things. (Tamil films seem to be borrowing these plots heavily from Hindi movies these days.) Even when the story is set in a metropolitan city (as in Maayakkannaadi) or deals with white collar working people (as in Raman Thediya Seethai), your films juxtapose the material modern culture with the fast fading traditional values of India with clever moral dilemmas for the protagonists. Your films have a strong narrative style that makes for compelling watching. Above all, I like your films for their welcome coherence that is sadly lacking in all but a few Tamil films. Though this sounds like comparing two different categories of things, I had to say it. In fact, I like your films even better than the overrated soulless Hollywood fares.

    Thank you and good luck at the upcoming International Film Festival in Mumbai.

  8. Dear Cheran Anna,

    Best wishes with warm greetings to u.

    Hope u enjoyed ur birthday on 12-12-2009. I had wishes my greetings to u thru Makkal tv.

    I alos like and create a short film and sumbit for ur suggestion in Makkal Tv. But I have not some Money level resources. But I will send my script to u on the way to email to makkal TV. Very soon…
    Thanks anna…. samathur_ganesh@yahoo.co.in

    98425 87819

  9. hai

    i am intrested to work with your team.kindly pls give the suggestion.what is your expecting?

    dialouge by
    mohan – 9600047215

  10. hi sir
    iam u r great fan sir i saw all u r movies iam B.E mechanical engineering graduate.iam writing some short stories to books.so iam intrested to work with u r team sir.plz consider me sir

  11. hi sir
    iam u r great fan sir i saw all u r movies iam B.E mechanical engineering graduate.iam writing some short stories to books.so iam intrested to work with u r team sir.plz consider me sir

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  13. Dear sir

    i have seen more movies of yours. and i like ur films. i m going to ask for a help thru this as i have no id of yours. we are in coimbatore. i have married and having one son. he is a hearing impaired child as he is going to special school. he is a fits patient and he takes medicines and treatment we are in middle class family.and my hubby is working in a hotel as a supervisor. my child treatment cost Rs.1600/- per month. and it is for 1 year if anybody in your film industry help the child i willbe greatful. i will produce medical records if u willing to help. to contact. 9790266886. THANK YOU AND SORRY FOR TROUBLING YOU.. SUBHA ANANDH

  14. Hai Mr.Cheran, i watched pokkisham, nice story …touch my feelings.. love between different cast will not longer… its happen to me also….

  15. Hello Mr. Cheran

    How u doing? Right now i am watching one of your movies pirivom santhipom and ijust cudn’t resist from writing this mail to you. I am a north indian girl married to a tamilian and even though i do not understand tamil a lot,i like watching tamil movies(with subtitles offcourse :). Esp your movies.I like your direction, the characters and the story. Everything seems so real still artistic. My congratulations for such a tarrific job. But i would like to tell you one thing honestly that i find most of the female characters in your movies,too good to be true. They are like epitome of love,patience and sacrifice and are completely selfless. But again, i can be wrong because obviously there is a big cultural gap between your female cahracters and myself.(i can never be as selfless and great as them and sometimes i feel guilty for that 🙁 Once again thanks for sucha gud cinema….keep it up. Ur Fan ..Shweta

  16. hello Cheran Sir,

    your face is very nice Our aim will become an assitant director with you.Please give a change.

    cell : 9094351985
    Qualification ; B com.
    my native place is karaikudi.

  17. Hello Friend,

    I’m Jeevitha. I love your film “Autograph”, Specifically “Divya” Character.. Thanks for presenting such real characters to the society. Your fims are really impacting on the human feelings to the very extent.Keep doing the same.You deserve a peak position in our hearts. My hearty wishes.
    My mail id: jeevitha_j@infosys.com

  18. hai cheran sir i am from kerala & recently residing in saudi arabia . I see your pictures and ur making style is different i liked very much especially autograph . And a song from the movie pirivom sandhippom iru vizhiyo thanks to giving the song . from ur subeesh

  19. HELLO SIR,

  20. dear cheran sir, how r u……there is an interesting love story (real story) , kerala guy and malaysian girl..

  21. hi Mr.Cheran,
    i am really proud of u.I am eagerly waiting to see/hearing ur voice.Same time i need 2 discuss with u more.. can u send me either ur mail address r contact information??? My id:pcmoha1202slm@gmail.com. i am eagerly waiting for ur reply.. ALL THE BEST for your future movie.

  22. dear sir :
    Am very much interested in story writing .i had written one love story.so please give me ur mail id.i will send it to u.give me ur feedback about my story.in future it will be helpful for me.{sumathi_karthika@ahoo.com}

  23. dear sir :
    Am very much interested in story writing .i had written one love story.so please give me ur mail id.i will send it to u.give me ur feedback about my story.in future it will be helpful for me.{sumathi_karthika@yahoo.com}

  24. Dear Cheran sir

    thanks for all of your good films
    I know about the father values after seeing thavamai thavamirundhu ,
    Kindly request you to make a film to show the value of the mother and it will be nice if you take a film for Mother. Every one will know the value of the mother

    Thanks and regards

  25. hi sir i am pandian near pillaiyarpatty i want talk to you, my ambition is actor like you, 9094351985 can you cal me sir, i have script of huge commedy in my won. thank you sir


  27. Hi cheran sir,how are u sir basically some person ask your best actor..but i ask know one like..but i saw your all picture recent YUTHAM SEI also sir …very attraction action sir & your SOLLA MARANTHA KATHI..also some life matter touching hands-of your acting sir i pray the god…for your winning life sir..Thanking you sir.

  28. Hello Cherran Sir,

    I have seen your Pokkisham.I am not able to control my emotional feelings.First time in my life I wanna to post a comment abt a legand director.

    Its not just a movie to relax.Its scratching the dusty heart to feel the real love.I cried almost 15 mins..

    You are the real pokkisham for good hearty people in this world..

    Hats off Cherran Sir

    With warm regards,
    Boopathi R

  29. Hai sir,

    I like ur films more n more………
    am a college student.sir, am expecting a good film from u fully about true friendship between boys and girls.I got that in autograph but am expecting a college story…. sir,am very eager for ur film………

    ALL THE BEST………..

  30. Respected Sir,
    Iam a B.Sc. Visual Communication student, i have done a short film and documentary.. When you have time, please watch my film and tel me the comments sir, because when such a great person like you tel me the comments, then those comments will be valuable for me to bring out flawless film in future sir..

    Thank you sir..

  31. Dear sir,
    Dear cheran sir please give me asst director chance one time please.
    Your all picture i will watched.
    Thavamai thavamirunthu picture i will watched 11 times sir.

    G.venkatesan,MBA (Finance),
    G.Ariyur (po),
    Tirukkoilur (talk),
    pin – 605751.
    My contact no:9884080669
    My mail id: venkkat143@gmail.com

  32. cheran sir i have a story to discuss with u. social movie but commercial too contact me 9488293880. i am a philosopher. rationalist

  33. Hi brother this is venkat from erode, first of all iam ur fan and i also like ur simplicity i want to work with u or act in movies plz contact me on 9842556262,9442136768
    if u want to see my photo plz : sasisirfan@gmail.com
    password is 9842556262

  34. Dear Mr Cheran,
    I am from London, UK. I saw you in Norway on holiday on the 20th of April 2011, on my 10th wedding aniversury with my family.With the excitement of seeing you I spoke to you in English and not in Tamil(although I am very fluent in Tamil,reading & writing). I love all your film’s that you have directed and acted in.
    I was very upset on that day as you looked like you were ignoring me while I was speaking to you.
    My husband told me off.It was the first time that I have ever meet someone from the Tamil cinema industry.
    I have lived in London for 26 years. I have my profession and You have yours, I was trying to show respect for your talent & profession but I felt that you did not even give respect to me as a person.
    regards Mr Cheran.

  35. Hi
    I am from bangalore and i love to watch your movie and even in my house they admire your acting its is so real and i don’t think there is negative on your acting i love to see you directly so that i can tell the true story of mine that has taken place in my life will you send me reply please

  36. hai brother ,

    how are you , kind to be send me your office address …..

    lakshmanan , s/o. P. Mookkaih
    sivalarpatti (pO)
    vilathikulam (tk)

  37. Hi cheran. I am Tamilan. If you take film please give chance to tamil actor. actress (Not Ajith)

  38. Hai anna unga nadippu rompa pudikum.ungala madri irukanum nu ennaku rompa asai anna.ninga rompa nall nalla irukanum i love u anna

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