Tamil Actor Dhanush Profile

Actor Nick Name: Dhanush 

Actor Dhanush Photo GalleryReal Name: Prabhu Kastoorirajan

Birth Name: Venkat Prabhu

Date of birth: February 25, 1978

Birth Place: Chennai, India

Nationality: Indian

Star Sign:  Pisces

Dhanush ParentsEye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour:  Light Brown

Father: Kasthuri Raja

Brother: Selvaraghavan

Spouse: Aishwarya

Actor Dhanush Photo GalleryVenkat Prabhu is a popular Indian actor who appears in Kollywood films under the screen name Dhanush.At the age of 20, he made his Kollywood debut in the film Thulluvadho Illamai in 2002, which was directed by his brother Selvaraghavan.

This movie was a surprisingly huge success and started his career in the industry. This was followed by Kadhal Kondein and Thiruda Thirudi (2003), both of which turned out to be successful at the box office.

With these continuous string of blockbuster his salary skyrocketed to Rs.30 million per film.

However succeeding films tumbled one by one and his career seemed to be have come to a standstill until the release of Pudhupettai. His action venture Sullan (2004) started good but then turned out to be a box office failure. His other films Pudhukottaiyill Irindhu Saravanan, Dreams (2004), Adhu Oru Kana Kaalam (2005) did poorly at the box office.

After a long spell of low budget films, he came back with the Pudhupettai (Dhoolpet in Telugu) which was again directed by his brother but that flopped. However he came back with a blockbuster in 2005 with, Thiruvilayadal Arambam.

His upcoming films are Parattai alias Azhagu Sundaram and Desiya Nedunchalai.


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    I am yogananth i like your path very much in cine industry because in your first movie when i saw your face i think what is this he look like Irumbu Kambi how he will become a hero because that time Ajith and Vijay dominatiing the cine industry now also the they only dominating the tamil person heart. ok ok they are all senior actor we don’t discuss about them. Coming to the point after release your kadhal konden movie because of your brother selvaraghavan i definitely shock completely different when compare to your first movie. In that movie i think you are IRUMBU KAMBI after Kadhal konden I think you are THANGA KAMBI then after after after you are shine like a diamond not only as a actor but also as a singer, writer, director & producer. super sir you are the boost for all the youngsters not only boost, you are Horlicks, complan, Maltova etc…….

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  19. Hai na ……….. I am Bharathi unga biggest fan from TAMIL NADU ………. I like your all movies……… but most impressive for MARRI & VIP…………………………..

  20. Hai na ……….. I am Bharathi unga biggest fan from TAMIL NADU ………. I like your all movies……… but most impressive for MARRI & VIP…………………….

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    My name is Shalini from Bangalore (karnataka)
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    I don’t no Tamil language. But I wannt to learn Tamil bcs of u
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    I love u so……. much.
    I used to see all yr films in the theatre.I like ur songs very much.
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