Tamil Actor Dhanush Profile

Actor Nick Name: Dhanush 

Actor Dhanush Photo GalleryReal Name: Prabhu Kastoorirajan

Birth Name: Venkat Prabhu

Date of birth: February 25, 1978

Birth Place: Chennai, India

Nationality: Indian

Star Sign:  Pisces

Dhanush ParentsEye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour:  Light Brown

Father: Kasthuri Raja

Brother: Selvaraghavan

Spouse: Aishwarya

Actor Dhanush Photo GalleryVenkat Prabhu is a popular Indian actor who appears in Kollywood films under the screen name Dhanush.At the age of 20, he made his Kollywood debut in the film Thulluvadho Illamai in 2002, which was directed by his brother Selvaraghavan.

This movie was a surprisingly huge success and started his career in the industry. This was followed by Kadhal Kondein and Thiruda Thirudi (2003), both of which turned out to be successful at the box office.

With these continuous string of blockbuster his salary skyrocketed to Rs.30 million per film.

However succeeding films tumbled one by one and his career seemed to be have come to a standstill until the release of Pudhupettai. His action venture Sullan (2004) started good but then turned out to be a box office failure. His other films Pudhukottaiyill Irindhu Saravanan, Dreams (2004), Adhu Oru Kana Kaalam (2005) did poorly at the box office.

After a long spell of low budget films, he came back with the Pudhupettai (Dhoolpet in Telugu) which was again directed by his brother but that flopped. However he came back with a blockbuster in 2005 with, Thiruvilayadal Arambam.

His upcoming films are Parattai alias Azhagu Sundaram and Desiya Nedunchalai.


  1. hai …Dhanus…
    unggele enakku rombe pidikkum ,
    ungaludaiya ellam padamum nan miss pandamel papen dhanus n i like u so so so mac…
    thaipusam valtukkal,
    anand 4rom malaysia..

  2. hai Dhanush!
    actually i’m a surya fan.But from when i saw ur film”AADUKALAM”.i’m the fan of u and surya……

    U r really did a good job…in that film

    we r expecting this type films only…

    but in the movie that could have a climax little bit better.

  3. hai Dhanush!
    really u did very well in aadukalam.

    i’m ur great fan of u dear!

    in the “OTHA KANNALA” song chance less see no one who express this much of exprssions……….

    we loved ur dance,especially that “THENAVATTU”


  4. Dear Sir!…

    I am your big fan, I like your Aadukalam film where you gave awesome performance…

    I would like to study M.B.B.S., I have no money, kindly lend me some money… I ‘ve been waiting for your kind reply… please show me some mercy…

    I trust in you…

  5. danush anna i like u very much u r one of my brother pls anna when u see this pls reply me pls pls anna this sister will waiting for u and keep rocking the theators

  6. hai dhanush…….i am crazy about u….u r so so cute and doing ur job very well………

    take care…………..


  7. I am ur fan,waiting to see ur aadukalam….
    Wishes for maapilai,vengai,maalai nearathu mayakam….
    To give a hit movies…

  8. hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dhanush u always rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!iam your big fan iam proud to be your fan!!!!!!!!!!!! advance many more happy returns of the day

  9. hi dhanush. I am very big fan of yours. i like u very much. i ll not miss any of ur movies. all the best for ur film Seedan.

    I want to see you atleast once in my lifetime.

    If possible pls reply me. But anyway i know that u dont have time.

    i ll pray god to give u healthy and peaceful life.

    Dont forget me. Bye

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  12. hai bro m wish u happy birthday to u…..god will bles u bro……gd luk in your life….
    enjoy wit your wife n son…..

  13. my name is surendran iam not ur fan but u making as ur fan iam always selffish in past days but life make me good in chennai thank u for teaching me leason about life iam stable now thanks for everything

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  15. hai dhanush unka padam venkai enka college la eduthapa unkala pathen. unka padam ethaium mis pana maten

  16. hi, dhanush iam very biggest fan of uyours actinig is very good, yours all film i saw the next moovie was mappillai the film got 200days thanks u

  17. Hi Dhanush i hope your next upcoming film vengai celebrates silver jublee.i think the combination of you and Director hari will make a turning point in your carrier.my west wishes to your upcoming film mapilai,maalai nearathu mayakam and especially my expecting film vengai.

  18. hai dhanush hw r u? shooting spot of pollathavan is probiking adayarna? (purchasing a pulsar)i was at there
    (i worked there)


  20. i will tell only ur nagative films, kutty, uthamaputhiran, sullan,parattai engira azhagu sundaram, dont do these kind of films………. yours best film was pudhuppettai,

  21. dhanush!!!!!!!!! u know what? ur r a great actor . u know why i like so much because ur are special from other actors . u don’t copy the dialogues of other films or ur father in law .u do ur own dialogues . u r smart , good looking and the special feature in u is ur smile and what i like the most that you are you. you r not trying to become like others ,u are always urself

  22. Hi!!!
    I am one of ur fan………..
    keep up the good work and never give up.good luck

  23. HI!!!!
    VENKANT PRABHU —– DANUS —– Ur recent movies are not better.

    So do better in forthcoming movies…………

  24. Hi !!!!
    Danush engira VENKAT PRABU.

    I think ur recent movies are not going better.
    Sooo work hard man.
    *** Join hand with some intelligent directors.***
    *** ur acting has no problem, but act in meaningful movies.***
    *** According to me u are not at all bad, becoz u look soooo handsome,u r good by character. BUT u need to spend time in selecting the perfect movie.***
    *** Nowadays no one njoy a luv story movie, Sooo act some different movies with different stories.****
    *** My dear friend,,, please select a meaningful movie***

  25. danush is wonderful latest tamil hero

    i like the danush movie: kathal kondeen, thulluvathoo ilamai, pollathavan, padikathavan, mappillai,

    so greet hero “all the best”

  26. Hi !!!!!
    Danush engira VENKAT PRABHU …………………….

    I am ONE of ur fan.
    Yahhh!!! I admire u a lot…

    But your recent movies are not going better…( KUTTI, UTHAMA PUTHIRAN, MAPPILAI)

    According to me ur acting,,dancing,,style,,rrrrrr rlly best…….. BUT y ur movies are going better… any idea…

    *****As I think, try to join hands with some brilliant directors.*****

    *****Try to cultivate some different stories*****

    *****Nowadays luv stories are not nice,,,So make some meaningful,moral &&&& extra ordinary movies*****

    ***** I think ur movies r nice BUT u need to work hard.*****

    All the best for ur forthcoming movies…(VENGAI,,,IRANDAM ULAGAM)

    I think u will follow my tips… &&&&& bcome a best hero………………………………………..

    From ONE of ur FAN…..

  27. hai dhanush anna..all the best for upcomming movies.pls call 9894549657 my number

  28. hi dhanush mams…….. i m ur secret admired…..evry ur movie n pic n gossips i wont miss it……. lov it so much…….. tc n bye

  29. hai anna i am a die hard fan of u i really want to c u i love u so much u look like my darling plz mail me na ………..

  30. hi thanush,, i’m totally like ur character in film only, v v jovial and humrs v practical,. but like ur film, girls r all only for money,, but i,m searching a girl for love,, if i find a gud girl i’ll call u for my marg.. my future wife s v lucky, she s my world, i,ll do anything for her,like u. mail me, (fireguy24021988)

  31. hai my dear sweet heart dhanush ur always giving a outstanding acting in all ur flims i love u so…….much all the best for ur next flim vengai…………………………..

  32. hi,

    Congrat… for the National award……….
    Keep working hard……………
    Success will follow u………….

    In case any advice or Comments on ur movies please contact me……..( 9994572701 )

  33. Hai Dhanush how are you how is your family, Wife and Yatra. i am biggest fan. neenga naditha ella padamum Very very super. Kutty and Thiruvilaiyadal Aarambam very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy super. neenga melum melum
    award vanga vendum enru kadavulidam vendukiren.

  34. hi my dear sweet dhanush…h r u darling. i miss u so much……im waiting 4 ur veingai film………
    by nadhikrishnan

  35. hai, dhanush anna. how r u. i like you very much. all the best for ur up coming films anna. take care . convey my regards to al at home. bye anna.

  36. hi dhanush,

    u 6 so sweeeet, Your acting is very nice without ego. me and my think u and surya is better hero in tamil industry. please eat well.



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