Ayesha Takiya Profile

Personal Profile (Personal Biography)Ayesha Takiya
Date of Birth (Birthday):
10 April, 1986
Hair Color: Black
Birth Place: Bombay, Maharashtra
Religion: Hindu (Gujrati)
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Hindi, English
Hobbies: Reading
Family Background
Mother’s Name:
half british and half maharashtrian

Film Background (Filmography)
Debut Film: Taarzan: The Wonder Car
Famous Movies: Home Delivery, Shaadi No. 1, Super, Socha Na Tha, Vaadu Nenu, Dil Maange More, Taarzan: The Wonder Car
Latest Movies: Home Delivery, Shaadi No. 1
Upcoming Movies: Yun Hota To Kya Hota
Favourite Dish/ Recipes: Pure vegetarian
Favourite Actor: Ghulam Ali
Favourite Actress: Abeeda Parveen
Likes: Music
Hobbies: Reading


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