Tamil Actor Gaundamani Gaundamani Profile

Tamil Actor Gaundamani Profile


Full Name : Subramani KaruppaiyaTamil Actor Gaundamani Photo

Screen Name : Gaundamani

D.O.B : May 25, 1939 (age 75)

Place of Birth : Kannampalayam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Occupation : Film actor

Years active : 1977 – present

Spouse : Shanthi

Children : Selvi ,Sumithra

Parents : Karuppaiya , Kaliamma

Tamil Actor Gaundamani PhotoGoundamani is probably the most memorable and best comedian the Tamil Film Industry has ever produced. He is one of the famous comedians in Kollywood and is especially renowned for his alliance with fellow actor Senthil. In the list of evergreen comedians of Kollywood, Goundamani is a name that can never be forgotten.

He was given the name goundamani by director Barathiraja during the movie 16 vayathinilae. Goundamani has entertained two generations of Tamil audience with his unique style of comedy.

His dialogues are woven with sarcasm and contempt and is often accompanied with impeccable timing and body language. Goundamani had a strong theatrical background. This helped him in gaining entry into the Tamil Movie Industry.
Senthil and Goundamani have now performed slapstick humour and acted more than 450 films.

The Goundamani Senthil combination became virtually unbeatable throughout the 1990′. Any Tamil movie with both of them was bound to be a success. He was a very good actor being able to adapt to the situation in the movie.Tamil Actor Gaundamani Photo

His fame reached dizzying heights when he teamed up with Senthil in the super hit blockbuster movie “Karagattakkaran”. He also has acted in several films with a double-hero role subjects including films like Ullathai Allitha and Unakaaga ellam unakaaga. In the 90’s his career peaked in such a way that it was hard to make a hit Tamil film without him.

Goundamani was born in Kannampalayam,a village in Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu,India. He gained entry into the Tamil film industry Kollywood due to his strong Theatrical background. His actual name is Mani but he famously portrayed the role of a Oor-Gounder in one of his Stage plays and from then on he came to be known as Goundamani. He started acting in films at his age of 26 and until then he was doing stage shows. He live with his two children Selvi, Sumithra and his wife is Shanthi.

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