Tamil Actor Kamal Hassan Profile

Actor Name: Kamal

Actor Full Name: Kamal Hassan

Family: Srinivasan Iyer-Father, Rajalakshmi-Mother, Charu and Chandra- two brothers, Shruti and Akshara-his daughters

Date of birth: November 7th, 1954

Born and Brought up in:  Paramakkudi of Ramanathapuram District

First Film: Kalathoor Kannamma in Tamil

Lanuguages acted in:  Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi

Special Talent: Classical Dance


Padmashree, Kalaimamani Awards and states awards from Tamil Nadu government.  National award for best actor for Mundram Pirai (1963), Nayakan 1988 and Indian 1996.

Based in the south Indian film industry Kamal Haasan is a highly acclaimed and highly versatile Indian film actor. He a was born to Rajalakshmi and Srinivasan as their fourth and youngest child. Kamal’s  all three sibling has the suffix Haasan as a sign of his friendship to one Mr. Haasan.

He entered the film world as a child actor at the tender age of 6 in the film Kalathur Kannamma and has been associated with the film world since then.  Kamal Haasan learnt the fine arts in his early years instead of school work.

When he was a teenager, he started working as an assistant choreographer in movies and it was during this time that his long and fruitful association with notable Tamil film director, K. Balachander began.

Kamal’s acting career spreads over four decades.  Kamal is known in the Indian film industry for his talent and versatility he has capably played a diversity of characters in his films. Kamal has appeared in movies made in six languages, including the four major South Indian languages – Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Kamal other forays were into the North Indian movie indusrty via Hindi and Bengali films. He is also an actor, director, producer, screenplay writter, lyricst, comedian, dancer, singer. Kamal acted in commercialised films for a major portion of his career, but then moved away from the purely commercial ventures. Kamal is also a trained playback singer and sometimes pens the lyrics for the soundtracks of some of his recent films. He is also an able performer of the Bharatanatyam dance form. Kamal had assisted in choreography early in his career and he is easily the greatest actor Tamil cinema has ever produced.He is a three-time winner of the National Film Award for Best Actor for the films Nayagan, Moondram Pirai, and Indian. Kamal also won the national award for Best Child Actor for his performance in Kalathoor Kannamma. Kamal has also received the best actor award at the Asian Film festivals held in 1983 and 1985 for Saagara Sangamam and Swathi Muthyam respectively. Six of Kamal movies have been sent as India’s official entry to the Oscars- The only actor to achieve this feat in the sub-continent. He has won the Filmfare awards 18 times. Kamal was awarded the fourth highest recognition given to Indian civilians – the Padmashri in 1990. Kamal was conferred an honorary doctorate by Sathyabama Deemed University, Chennai in 2005.

He has won a total of 171 awards which is more than any other actor in the world living or dead. Kamal was named as kalaignani meaning – an idiol of art, by M. Karunanidhi for his classical work towards tamil cinema.

In Kamal upcoming film Dasavatharam, he is playing 10 different roles, an act which is the second of its kind in the world, after the Tamil movie Dambachari (1936). Kamal  was married to Vani Ganapathy and later married Sarika with whom he has two daughters (Shruthi and Akshara) and with whom he is now separated.


  1. Hi sir how r u? how is ur daughters?
    i’m in Abudhabi. my husband working here.i’m housewife.newly couple.i like u veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    i like ur all films. AVVAI SHANMUGI,PANCHA THANTHIRAM,
    APPORVA SAGOTHARGAL,VASOOL RAJA MBBS,these all are very comedy film.when i have sad that time i see this movies then my sad is gone.u r very hard worker,very talented person.u r so very nice actor.u r only super star.really u r the gr8.take care sir.

  2. Hai kamalji,

    Iam a dieheart fan of yours from my youngerage. I admired your variety in acting. Especially in michael madhana kama rajan your (brahmin slang)is amazing. Thevarmagan (Rural slang) wonderful. My all time favourite is apporva sagotharargal which i have seen 50 times. How can i describe you no words. But one things is sure at least twenty times a day i will think about you. Yes.
    no one can replace you in acting. your name will be in the history for 1000 years.


    email id srisriram2005@yahoo.co.in

  3. Dear Kamal Sir,

    I like to watch all your movies. My family members all are your fans. You are the best actor in the world. I can’t find words to describe your acting.

    We need more and more and more……. movies from you.


  4. Dear Friend,

    By using of Friend, eventhough we never met before…. i took the same ,., because being a fan of you and learned from you many things .

    Before , Pushpak relased we were called from MADURAI TO CHENNAI to meet you personally , remember that was my first trip to CHENNAI too.

    But unfortunately, we couldn’t met you because of your busy schedule.

    Even till today , i never met you personally….

    I want to see you personally, is it possible?

    Because i want to give some valuable advice of how a good movie like Alavandhan failed…. to make success.

    Hope you will call me, or mail me

    Siva 097897 79822

  5. hi kamal,
    i am Dr.vasanth from madurai, i am really wonder about ur acting ( both comedy & serious role). how can u speak many languages without difficult? how can u speak slum tamil ,pure tamil & all local district tamil? i know that is not on ly by practice, thats a gift by god. If i have a luck i ll meet u in person. i have seen almost all tamil films of you. when I came to Delhi everyone told me about EK DUJE KELIYE, so searched that CD for i week, then i have seen, rally very nice. i have heard ur ALBUM POOVE PUDIRE, ………… if i write everything means, I can write more than 50 pages, bou have no time to read all, so i stop here.. take care about u & our cinema.
    ever ur fan

  6. Hello sir ,
    How are you sir iam a great fan of you.Really i feel proud to have you in our generation.I like to see you sir.Definetly i will see you in person in my life time.I don’t know what to talk if read this please reply to my mail atleast one word HI.


  7. Dear Kamal

    I’m Magesh from Dubai. Recently, i have seen your Movie “UNNAI POL ORUVAN” in Dubai Theatre. I came to know that there are 3 songs sung by your daughter, Ms.Sruthi, but it is not in the theater movie. Why it happened here? or every where, there is no song.

    Please confirm to my E mail ID.


  8. hi,Dr.kamal sir I’m ur big fan, ur legend of indian film industry, ur the king of tamil cinema, realy I’m proud of u, my lifetime dream is, I want 2 meet u sir.



  10. HI SIR’


    MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS mgayathrieethanjali@yahoo.com

    thank you sir

  11. Hi Kamal Ji,

    U r the best when comes to acting…I enjoyed your movie Unnaipol Oruvan…Its was simple and best taken…Good job..
    My small request feel like watching you in comedy character like Panchathanthiram… It was amazing and best spontaneous comedy…
    I admire the way u looked in the movie with your french beard..
    Keep it up…

  12. Hello sir,
    I am a great fan of u.
    you are a real legend of world cinema sir.
    Who cares that damn boasting american Oscars,I have
    a gem in my heart and you are not only the property of tamil people,but also telugu too……..I wish you all
    success in your further endeavours……



    A.ANAND 9843063999

  14. many many happy returns of the day kamal hasan happy birthday i am haranee i am 9 years old i love u soo much i like your last film upo

  15. hello my dear guru

    i like u verymuch sir

    i love ur film ” unai pol oruvan”.

    im touching heart sir



    i am a great fan of you

  16. sir,rock. iam a great fan of you.i like your acting(in film)&your brave.king of forest”lion”.king of cinema & king of world”kamalhasan”…..true……….
    if you ask everyone of my friends they will say that she likes”mr.kamalhasan” in the world.(first my lord siva…next you sir)

  17. Sir, I adore u so much…u r a dictionary of acting…i wld say tat nobody after Sivaji Sir is talented like u r…indian cinefield shd b very lucky to f u….sir i wish i cld shake hand with you and get ur blessings 1 day….u r super super talented…

  18. hi mr dr mmbs hw r u sir i like ur all of ur movies sir n i am ur crazy fan sir . i am frm malaysia n i hope u’ll send me some of message.

  19. Its sad that you being such a star ….dont even have your own blog! How are pple supposed to contact you? I have a story….and its genuine….of the likes of Hey Ram…and I am sure you have the courage to pick up some thing like that. Please contact me.

  20. I am a MALAYALEE but I definetely say that Kamalg is the greatest Actor in the World.I had a chance to see his trailer Marudhanayagam wow amazing great what an acting World class Acting.Any Indian form the bottom of the heart can say that KAMALHASSAN is the No I world Class Actor.Imagine Dashavatharam 10 different roles 10 different Bodylanguages 10 different Voices every 10 Characters different amazing just imagine the strain taken and its verydifficult for anybody to do all by a single person.That is why we know he is a true SakalakalaValavan and the no I Actor in the World
    4 national AWARDS
    Maximum filim fare Awards by an Actor

  21. Hi my dear universal hero kamal ji i like u very much i am u r fan i never miss u r movie.i like u r acting.
    I like Panchathandiram and 10s avadhram flim the acting is change less my dear hero.
    Plz send me to u r mail add. my dear hero. I like to touch with u dear.

  22. Hi my dear universal hero kamal ji i like u very much i am u r fan SIMBU i never miss u r movie.i like u r acting.
    I like Panchathandiram and 10s avadhram flim the acting is change less my dear hero.
    Plz send me to u r mail add. my dear hero. I like to touch with u dear.

  23. Hello Sir, We have a wonderful actor in tamil industry and very glad to have a great actor like. i like u so much.. I like ur all movies and u r very romantic hero. I hope u would see this. I will meet u atleast once in my lifetime. All d best for ur upcoming movies. bye sir




    YOU ARE ONLY THE PERSON IN THE FILM INDUSTRY TO DO SOMTHING TO THE SOCIETYEvery man has his own potential.. some bring it out.. some dont.. Kamal is wonderful.

  26. HiKamal, you are indeed a legend, just like Sivaji and Savithri. My advice to you – don’t get involved with ladies. Just leave that and concentrate on developing cinema and your daughters. Enough ladies in your life!


  28. Kamal hassan is the one and only king of Indian cinema.. He has reached heights that can never be repeated by any one else.
    Kamal Rocks.
    We want more and more movies like Dasavatharam and Pammal K Sambandham.

  29. My name is Ganesh Ramalingam from Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
    Since when I was a kid, I was following all your movies up to now. I have never ever missed a movie. I have actually grown up following your footsteps. I even noticed that in some of your movies that you do not promote smoking and drinking, which I strictly follow. Even the first song that comes out has a lot of meaning to it, it you follow the song closely.
    Thank you very much for great movies. Also thank you for being such an inspiration for me and the youths. Thank you very very much…

  30. Hello sir,
    I’m the greatest fan of you. I love you a lot and your films are watchable many times. Movies like Mahanathi, Anbe sivam are the best tamil movie ever. No one can fill your place. You are the best.If i get chance to meet you I will hug you and that is the most unforgetable day in my life..
    Continue your journey we are all with you…
    I’m happy to write here…

  31. Kamal Sir, We want U to see once again in classic film like SALANGAI OLI (as a dancer) We want to see Ur performance once again in this age. I salute for Ur achievements. We are proud to tell that we are Ur fan. Thanks

  32. Kamal is the greatest actor the world had ever seen. There are no words to describe him. I’m very diehard fan of him. I imagined him acting the film Enthiran:The Robo.
    If he was in this film, the Oscar award for Best Male Actor is definitely his.

  33. Hello Kamal Sir,

    You are the one and only Encyclopedia for Acting!! You have clearly surpassed all your predecessors and peers in the field of acting.Your are the best Enchanting Emperor of the Entertainment Industry in the Globe.Hats off to you!!!!

  34. hai i am deva from dubai iam ur dieheart fan i have never ever missed ur film.i saw ”unnaipol oruvan”.really it was superb.wow what a concept in this film.really i had lost my concious in claimax.what an expression?.u r t only one actor to expose like this face expression.

  35. hai kamal , u is realy very good,any one persion cant do your this work ,you is realy one of best is tamil cinima,,,,,,,,,,,,,,by kanagaraj ,..

  36. The Actor cum Director cum Producer cum Singer cum Dancer and he is none than our All Time Legend Of Tamil Cine Industry was named and titled as Dr.Kamal Hassan who is celebrating his birthday today.May all wish his birthday and support him for his upcoming films..

  37. Hi sir. i dont speak in english. In above the mails are written in the form fo only in english. i am 22 years old. my data birth is 12.12.88. It is birthday of your challange actor. you are one of the best actor in the world. last day i saw the ur film UPO. it is very beauti full. plz reply to my ID. my id is vinothnivi@yahoo.com. i expect your kindly reply….. its not request. its my order. so you love TAMILAN………..!

  38. hi thala,

    this is guru, sir ur only world best hero sir. ur film world film sir nayagan, dever magan ,indian,moodram paray,anbasivan maganadhi virumandi dasaavtharam, punnagai manan, kuruthi punal,rajaparavi,

  39. dear sir,,,

    u are the best….taking over the rest…
    i really admiring yours tamil… loving u as because of your senthamil…

  40. hi sir.how r u. I like u r film ALAVANTHAN & i like ur romantic scenes with comedy.
    sir i want to u r CONTACT NUMBER plz. from KERALA ,PALAKKAD.

  41. hi sir,i am your hardcore fan, i like your film very much,please take maruthanayagam film soon,all the best for next film sir…………….

  42. hi kamal sir

    how are you sir.. i m from malaysia i like all your movies and your acting. i like to acting too thats my dream but havent try anywhere yet. I really hope one day i have chance to acting in tamil film industri any role. if any chance please give me a try . my email pugan_iswari@yahoo.com

  43. hi kamal you are the greatest actor ever produced by this country, you continue to act different roles and be a role model for upcoming heroes

  44. Dear Mr Kamal:
    you have many many adorable human qualities besides your acting skills. I wish you every success in your forthcoming projects. being close to your age may suggest onething? please dedicate all your time for the film industry by all means; but do not invest every penny in it. think about your future and reserve a few pennies for the “rainy Day” This is not being too personal but bit of excess as a well wisher!

  45. Hi Kamal sir

    I like u very much sir. You are the best actor in the worl. I hope u get a oscar award within 2 years.
    If u like pls send mail for me.

    i have small request for you. with your permission
    can i write your biography?

    waiting for your order sir

    with loves

    Premkumar(a) lenin

  46. Dear Sir,

    Although I hold 3 professional degrees in accounting (including CPA from U.S.)i still feel proud of one area in my CV i.e, i studied in the same school as yours (Mctm). My class teacher (same for you)used to feel for having scolded u and he used to express it to us. I am working outside India for the past 20 years as an expatriate and would love to provide you the necessary inputs as well and play a small role (if you can allow). I would be more grateful if you can send me mail to startwith. I have never missed your movies and no one can….. Bye sir. Anxiously awaiting your response..

  47. Dear Sir,

    The above message is from me only to take a moview on expatriate’s life- what he gains (artificial ones) and what he looses (real ones). I am sure the movie will be super/duper hit as nobody has attempted it yet even…..

  48. sir,
    i listening any time ur song only sir, when i will in internet i will search any interesting news of you and wallppers manmadan ambu songs super super lyrics what a voice sir (nella vanam)super hit sir

  49. Dear Kamal Sir,
    I am a great fan of you from my childhood days…I am very happy to write a comment to u.No one can beat u sir..U r a very good actor..

  50. Hi Kamal ,U r a LEGEND for this DECADE! No One is Equal for u in Tamil Industry. But my simple suggestion is, ur Films must be reached all levels of people. Some films of yours are not able to understand by all people.

    Vasanthi Rajaram

  51. Hi sir,
    I and my friend name is Prabhu is one of your’s greatest fan. We never miss your flim. you are god of the indian flim.

  52. hai, kamal sir, i am biggest fan of u.i like u so much sir.i did’nt miss ur movies. i will wait for marutanayaggam film. i love u sir.

  53. Dear sir,

    I am your one of the biggest fan.
    i really enjoy to watch ur movie. Really ur living “LEGENT”.


  54. Hello sir,

    There are plenty of things to be shared. I know not all of them is possible.

    But, apart from your method acting, there is a lot of other acting styles that you try. Don’t know what their names are, but as a layman, I really don’t want to know about those styles and not very happy that our actors trimming their performance on the screen, just to be in line with some acting theories that are written by non-actors.

    Open ended, down to earth acting (without any traces of a stage performer) without any boundaries, is what people are looking for. In other words, a little bit of grammar need to be omitted, as we even cannot talk in a grammatically correct mother tongue.

    I hope I have conveyed my point reasonably.


  55. hello sir.this is charu from chennai.iam a world biggest fan of urs.i lik ur anbe sivam movie,hei ram a lot.u r a legent.no enough words to say abt ur acting…..i lik u sir……and i love u.

  56. Hai Kamal Sir…
    Hw r u? I really LOVE ur acting…
    I most like ur acting in ANBE SIVAM..it was ausumn.
    will u choose a superb movie like ANBE SIVAM again???

  57. dear kamal anna i love you very much. you acting , your style, your color, your comedy, your madras tamil etc… as a result my elder son is as like you in kalathur kannama movie…. later i will send my son’s photo to you,,,!

  58. hi kamal watch movie ‘my sister’s keaper’ and try to remake it in tamil, it is an awesome movie you only can make it commercially successful in tamil

  59. hi sir, i LOVE all your movies especially movies like Aval appadithan,Nillal Nejam Argirathu and i LOVE unaipoloruvan. I think your fans love to see interlectual Kamal Hassan than lover boy Kamal Hassan



  61. Good night…..kamal hassan sir how are you ,how is your family…sir i like your movie’s very much and your the great actor the world .

  62. hi velu boi,before u enter into the heaven u have to give much more good films…iam a good fan f u and mani,suhasini…i lov mani…pis act another one mani film…solla varthaigal illai unnai patri unnai nesikkiren nadippin mudhalva

  63. Hi Kamal Sir,
    I am a great fan of yours, I never missed your film even I migrated to Sydney Australia from Pondicherry. All the best for you upcomming projects. I request you to conduct a live performance in Sydney. Thanks & Regards / Kathir

  64. Dear Kamal Sir,

    i am SRINIVASAN FROM Saudi Arbia..

    I am a great.great fan of you…I am very happy to write a comment to u..U r a very good actor.. one time am searching for your house in alwarpat side… i cant see the your house & your Face.. give one chance..

  65. you are my inspiration.. i like your hard work… a man who need know about the success in life, first of all he/she want to know the failure and insults faced by you.. who ever know about your life will get the inspiration of working hard,behalf of their success and failure situation… anbae sivam
    saga kadavul luku nandri

  66. HI… SIR………….



  67. hi sir
    I m ur big fan. Every body in my family likes u very much. all the films u have actored are super hit movies.And best of like in ur future sucess.I like u very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  68. Kamal Ji,
    it is an hounour to be commenting here,knowing that one day or another you would be reading this and have a smile your face while doing so.

    well,as you may have heard all the time,hahaha…im a huge fan of yours since i was a kid…

    i grew up watching ur movies and watching the variety one can portray in movies.

    Though i love all your movies, Anbe Sivam really touched my heart. Because i realized that u made the thoughts some of us had into a beautiful movie. as for dasavatharam,i still watch it with an awe 🙂

    i recently wathced Man Madhan Ambu when it was released,and realized that there is *and will always be* some magic in all your movies.

    it would be an honour to be able to meet u, and to have a conversation with you. its one of my Dreams,apart from stepping into the NASA HQ.. 🙂

    well, i think i may have flooded these page already,
    i hope to hear from you *by chance of any miracle* Ji.. tc n keep rocking!

  69. Hello,
    Legend ,You Are Supreme Star Noboday Act Like You.
    You Are Ulaganayagan.

    We Love You Somuch

    & Shree Video Vision Team
    Lalbagh Road, Bangalore

  70. i am your big fan.na solla vandhatha tamil a sollidra. neenaga nadicha *vettaiyadu vilaiyadu*padam super sir unga adutha padathukkaga na yen famili wite panro…..all the best

  71. I have seen in yourweb that is written as having recieved as much as 171 awards i hope that you will recall the one among the first awards which was presented by our collegeAS SLCO AWARDAND INFACT IACCOMPANIED YOU TO THE STAGE INTRODUCING TO THE AUDIANCE and then you have sung one song also though
    there was no mention about the numbers of awards i thought of writing this to you so that iwill be able to remind the god old days to you really wants meet you also with my family some time or other

  72. Kamal sir i want u to see ” No one Killed Jessica”

    Just now i finished the movie.. it is emotional..
    and u will love it sir..


  73. kamal sir how r u .sir i am u r best fan .i am see u r movin first show.u r beat actress in the world sir .i love u very much

  74. Hello Kamal Sir…
    I like u very much. The one impressed me the most is our thoughts. A lot to say but finish. I request u to try for Oscar. As already said it is not far for u.

  75. MY TITLE FOR U IS OSCAR NAYAGAN dont know how much u r waiting for oscar but when i come to know about ascar from that time to still i am waiting for one thing oscar nayagan award WE ALL STAND FOR U SHURIT THE ALL IN ALL BEAUTY WITH A TERRIF TALENT

  76. Hi Sir i am your fan.,..!! my name is ali and i am from Bangalore..! sir i need your help financially can you help me..?? your a rich superstar and i have heard you always help people in trouble..!! await for your response sir me and my family will be very grateful to you and would also return your money on time if you help us..!! you have my email id ill wait for your reply..!!

    a small fan of yours from the crore’s..!

  77. He is the one and only Hero for ever…. He is the genius. We never See a another Hero like him… I am Proud because i am the fan of him..

  78. Dear Kamal Sir

    I’m Kalpana from Malaysia. Great fan of you. My life’s dream is to meet up with you one day. Hope you will entertain us with more films. Our advance birthday wishes to you. May God bless you with all the happiness in the world.

    Just waiting for the day when i can meet you personally.

  79. kamal sir u r d only person whom i admire a lot, keep rocking sir, wish u a many more happy returns of the day sir.. thank u a lot for giving such wonderfull films for us, Im very proud to be a tamilian because of uuuuuu… luv u sir…..>>>>

  80. my god of film i love u so so so so so so somuch i want to meet u once in my life time no one can beat u in the film industry

  81. hi kamal,

    I need your daily diet chart schedule I want to get from you . tell me your secret exercise and foods pls PLS OK

  82. my ambition is FILM MAKER . you will give chance for me sir. i proud to be say my ambition is film maker.
    I waiting for my direction in your acting sir.

  83. i like u sir …. i saw ir film salangai oli and i started to dance bharatanatyam…… i like ur daughter shruthi hassan…. i like her voice very very much…………i like ur film dasavatharam….before i dont know what is bharatanatyam now i love bharatanatyam.. and i going to finish a level in classical dance….

  84. sir, ur a great actor am fan of u from my childhood the film industry is blessed with ur talent i pray god u do more and more good film industry

  85. Hi Kamal anna All the best forever. I am very proud to be tamilian as proud as your great fan. Is it possible to have salangai oli part 2. hope for it. All the best.

  86. Dear Sir,
    As like indian, i am also inspired you and i said my people(colleague) if you want improve your skill follow and learn entire a to z industries activity like you (know everthing in film industries acting, singing, dancing, story writing, direction and etc.,
    Oscar not suit for you, beyond Oscar all the nation should give entire award for one film. thats in my dream. if your interest i can give you my immaginary film not for money and other else after seeing film 2012, i got this, am not writer,director,my profession is entirly different i don’t know how to contact you so wire this.
    please fogive if i disturb you
    Thanking you,

  87. kamal is one an only in this world in any rowel only suit him most of new actors copy the move of kamal, no one can beat him kamal is Tamil movie legend we need a person like kamal to sri Lanka may Allah bless you

  88. sir kamal please give me a chance to act as villein role against you. i am not a grade actor like u.i never ever act any stage shows but i learn from all your movies.in then u can see what my talent just watching your movies.

    Rizmi sameen

  89. Dear sir,

    You are really a talented versatile actor, after NADIGAR THILAGAM. (I am very big fan of Ganesan Sir). There is no doubt in that. But, some of your policies are not acceptable to me. A person born in a Country like India (where enormous Saints arised & lived) & more particularly as a Hindu, one should believe the existance of God (the Supreme power). As a Brahmin, I am a very very strong believer of God & I am really proud to be a GOD FEARING person. Kindly try to change your attitude atleast in the coming days.

  90. You are special gift from God this is the only things that i understood ,since i started to watch your movies you having all the characters’ mean you’ve support from God to express such a kind of talent it’s not so easy without his mercy so trust him there is God who operating the entire earth.but i love your mind………you having God thoughts all the time

  91. Hi,
    In future would you please don’t act with young girls, it is not suitable for you and very rediculous. But you are a wonderful actor. we love you and like you.

  92. Sir,
    I am a great fan of you. U r my role model, not for ur performances in cinema, but for ur dedicated work in ur field.

  93. Sir I don’t have any words to say your one and only man to take any risk in your job if every one have that sprit definitely get success. here I fewest one thing if I am right please accept my proposal and give chance to me. I am having interest to join assistant director to you sir I hope my self. And you give a chance to learn and study please sir

  94. Hai mr kamal hasan hru,,,iam syed mubarak from bahrain. iam not see your movie viswarupam,, total tamilnadu we know the politics problem for your flim. but muslims are your family friends. iam also your fan no problem allah is there insha allah your flim quickly released. dont live the tamilnadu mr padmashri

  95. It’s really bad news ban on vishwarupam at tamilnadu.but don’t worry sir ban will lift in few days.with highest money collection movie in india.

  96. Religions are man made.Support the human causes.
    Establish the humanity concept.Art is a gift from Almighty.

    Contributing to the art

  97. Dear Sir — Hello….

    You are my Favorite actor film star from Tamil. I am employed in Muscat.
    Some of the movies I had watch more 7 times.
    Chanakyan, Indian, Vettayadu Vilayaaadu was such films..



  98. Hello kamal sir thank for *viswaroopam* there r no words to explain abt u bcos ur viswaroopam one thing I can say that some of the people r there for which Hollywood to learn really wonder thank once again sir

  99. Dr.Kamal hasson hope ur well with ur family.I am just 5 moths younger than u still i want to send a peice of advice/suggesstions.You are the best Actor the country has now and your contribution to the film industry and the soceity is second to none.But always beware of politicians.There are some politicians trying to catch your popularity and use for thier benefit not only that and the same time earn rivalry for you and have the saddistic pleasure.Can you forget the events happened to a fine and popular comedian vadivelu in recent tome?The people who wanted to cash his popularity for their benefits are not ready to cast in films produced from thier own banners are you aware of this.?Out of affection to tamil out of thier tamil talents or out of respect to their age if you fall as a pray on thier villianous attempts we can only see what has happened to ” VISWAROOPAM” Hope you understand.You are a national treasure and you have seen the nation,s response towards you… though all is well.. but the agony you and your family and your fans faced are because of the function you fall as a pray and spoken about who to become the Prime minister of India.I donot want to go further and you may that was your freedom of speech but the time and vevue and the situation shown us the results.We want you to be the Kamal Hasson always the Universal Star.If anything i said is unwanted kindly ignore and take care…Dr.R.A.Nambi

  100. hai birther i am your big…….st RASIKAN. you have a indian telant man i watch 55 time ‘ninaaithalea innikkam padam’selam uma theater

  101. hi sir u are my friend and god father in my life
    , i want to see & then i want talk to u min 10 minutes . ple i am u very big big fan of one

  102. dear Kamal,Iam a fan of urs. I think i have the privelege to criticise ur movies also ,if u permit.I have coomposed aletter to u in d form of a poem. I dont know how i will send it to u.
    May god give u all the stsrength ,both mental and physical strength for ur future plans.

  103. Hi Kamal Sir,

    Vishwaroopam film was awesome! congradulations! waiting for Vishwaroopam 2

    With Warm Regards,
    Srilatha Rangarajan.

  104. Roja220 is my pet name. I am a retired senior official, and most attracted by ur dedicated work in the field of cinema. I am 68 yrs male, settled at Chennai. When ur wife Ms. Sarika hospitalised at Leelavathi Hospital, Bandra, Mumbai., I visited and greeted “Speedy Recovery” thro “Pokkay” and u were sitting in another ICU. I was working in Mumbai that time. Of course I recd. thanks letter.

    It is a matter of Mann Vasanai. Yes , I belong to erstwhile Ramnad District.I have most concern in u, for ur well being.

    When you face hurdles/problems to relese “Viswaroopam”, I was much disturbed and worried and prayed GOD to solve ur problem. I also visited ur House at Eldams Road, say the much crowed.By GOD’s grace u have successfully over come the problem and achived ur GOAL, by means of GOLD.In the process u have also understood the real friends and …..

    Pl. take care in future., and Pray GOD to give u Continued Success in ur endevour.

    Kind regards,


  105. hai dr.Kamalhassan sir,

    “world only one cinima king ” all the best sir

    with love and affection
    j.jennings kamaraj

  106. Dear sir this is Sashi from Bangalore I like your acting style and I like very much your comedy movies but one thing one mines is there in vishwaroopam film language communication is difficult to understand because I learned English and Kannada I don’t now to learn Tamil but I will speak Tamil well like me throw out the world more tamileans are living so please try to caver back ground language please I don’t now you will learn this sms if learn I m really lucky by your fan (I m not telling you need to caver back ground voice because if you down something in screen it will have reasonable only if I gave wrong massage please sorry for it).

  107. Hello sir.. u r truely an incredible person.. I like u lot.. im very proud to telll that even I have born in the village were u have born.. im a very good fan of u.. thank you. .

  108. Sir,

    There ware two types of picture produced in Hindi cenema,Worst and Bed.

    I want your address and phone number from several days but i didn’t found,so i am writing here.

    Do you wan’t to make a movie -minning full movie.A big movie this type of movie you did not think in our india.I can’t write much about it’s concept inthis site.Please contanct me on above mail address.

    Sir, I only choose you for this consept for this grand thought.

    Kalpesh Rajyaguru

  109. Sir, today i have seen your neengalum vellalam 1 kodi game show I broke my selves.From my 30 years your my only hero. ihave seen your movies no of times . Today after seeing your game i also want to contribute something in your welfare activeties. YOUR the BEST

  110. Mr. Hassan I would like you to give me a call because I would like to be in one of your films here is my number it’s (310)701-3868 and as well my e-mail address it’s leticia.sanchez3@aol.com and I actually like to be famous why because I took drama class my Senior year in 12th grade so I graduated June 13th. My schools name was Port Of Los Angeles High School if you like send a letter to this address it’s 1666 North Wilmington Blvd.!
    Thank you

  111. Hi Kamalji,

    I’m ur dieheart fan sir. I like all ur film. I watch Aalavanthaan movie more than 100 times. I’m waiting for your Maruthanayagam sir.


  112. Dear Kamal,

    I am eagerly awaiting your Film Viswaroopam II. After Viswaroopam II, I would like you to give a film like Sathi Leelavathi, cameo. film like Meendum Kokila, can be given only by you, great man.

  113. Kamal Sir

    You are one an only in this world.
    No one can beat him kamal is Tamil movie legend.
    We need a person like kamal may Allah bless you.

  114. Hello Kamal Sir,

    i tell you sir indian cinema you are the only Hero

    nobody can compare your acting style or smile or sadness nobody can beat in the world in this generation we are very lucky that god gave wonderful beautiful person like you for us to enjoy your acting

    we love to watch your movie

    possible send a eamil

    from Muscat/ Oman/

    Karthik- 00968 98254655

  115. Hi.sir ,i m a great fan of u fm bangalore
    worries u dont worry
    actors may be star but ur one of the star in sky born in india always ur (the king of acting) of indian flim industry

  116. Hai kamal sir iam a big fan of u i never miss ur any movies and my only one wish is i want 2 see the movie “MARUTHANAYAGAM” when it will b release!


  117. Vanakkam, Kamal Ji,

    Naan Ungal Priya Fan…
    (Intha Line I Type Seiyumpothe Mei Silirkirathu)

    In My Adult stage I was very eager to see you, but till my marriage i cant able to get a chance to meet you. But my wife arrange a chance to meet you. First Time when i see on the stage in front of me i was get more emotion and i was cry very stoutly. i think Remember(alverpet Mandapam) I firs thank my wife and God to give the opportunity . Yesterday I have a Fantastic dream about You (That’s You own the Oscar Award…. I Pray God to give the opportunity. Kindly visit my Face Book (balaa2k@rediffmail.com)

  118. hello Mr.Kamalhasan sir…

    I am Bharani w/o Gobinath… I am not your fan…
    But my lovable husband is your biggggggggggggggggg fan… and also he has a video clip of your superb dialogues in his phone… and he is hearing that dialogues everyday even in his office time also…
    So, I want to meet you for my husband… atleast I want to speak you personally… For My Cute Husband…
    If I have luck, I will speak with you coming soon sir…

  119. dear kamalhassan
    iam the very fan of you . you are the greatest actor in the world. I have an ambition that i would like to get your fighting sceen since sakala kalavallabha to viswaroopam in a CD. please cocider the letter
    Mathew Varghese




    please connect with me.
    You will get another hard worker like you.
    expecting your reply.

  121. Hi sir iam Navaneetha krishnan i like THEVARMAGAN @INDIAN thamil film please sir thevarmagan /2 you and ajith sir acting
    Periyathevar -kamalkasan
    sakthivel -thala ajith
    my number 9942239488

  122. Hai kamal ji, I love all your films, from aadu puli aatam’s madan’s style to I am the hero and the villain in viswaroopam.

    hats of you ji

    my hearties advance 60th birthday wishes to you and expect more films from you.


  123. Hello Sir,

    I like you very much a super hero in tamil film industry. My hus looks like you in early stages in 80’s so i married him. Lived a life smooth. take care

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