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Tamil Actor Nagesh ProfileTamil actor nagesh Photo


Full Name : Nageswaran Ceiyur Krishna Gundu Rao

D.O.B : 27 September 1933

Place of birth : Dharapuram, Madras Presidency,[1] India

Died : 31 January 2009 (aged 75) , Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Occupation : Film actor

Years active : 1958– 2009

Spouse(s) : Regina (m.1957) ([2]

Children: Anand Babu (b.1958) , Ramesh Babu (1959) ,Rajesh Babu (b.1963)

Awards : 1974 Kalamamani, 1994 Nammavar Tamil Nadu State Government Award

Tamil Actor Nagesh PhotoNagesh was the undisputed king of comedians in Tamil cinema from the early sixties to mid-seventies of the previous centur. Nagesh was born to Kannada speaking Madhwa Brahmin parents on September 27th 1933 in Darapuram, and did educated in madras.

Before entering to the film industry he was worked at rialways as a cleark. He was a vertualey powerty background . . His first Tamil movie was “Thamaraikkulam” (Lotus pond) directed by Muktha Sreenivasan. It was a minor role.

During his stint as comedian, Nagesh acted in quite a few lead roles too. Witty dialogue delivered with a superb sense of timing, mimicry, mannerisms, facial expressions ranging from grotesque contortions to deadpan countenance, slapstick, humorous body language etc were his hallmarks.

Nagesh’s acting was something fresh and sensational. Many compared him to Danny Kaye and Jerry Lewis. Nagesh himself was an ardent fan of Jerry Lewis. One could also detect shades of Charlie Chaplin, Marx brothers and the three stooges in his acting.Tamil actor Nagesh Photo

Another remarkable aspect to the man was his dancing ability. It was a pity that he acted as comedian thereby engaging in clownish movements while dancing. But he was one who could dance very well. His son Anandababu inherited the father’s talent. Nagesh was also familiar with both western and carnatic music.

Today he is no more in this world and indeed sorrowfully ironic that the man who made many people happy through his comedy was himself afflicted by tragedy in personal life.

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