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Tamil Actor Senthil ProfileTamil Actor Senthil Photo


Full Name : Senthil

D.O.B : 23 March 1951

Place of birth : Ilanjambore

Profession : Comedian. Film Actor

Fther Name : Ramamoorthi

Mother Name : Thirukammal

Spouse : Kalaiselvi

Religion : Hindu

Height : 5’4″

Birth Sign : Aries

Children : Manikanda prabhu, Hemachandra Prabhu

Tamil Actor Senthi Family PhotoSenthil is an actor from Tamil Nadu, India. He is notable for his comedian roles along with fellow actor Goundamani. He has acted in many popular movies with several of the leading actors and comedians in the south Indian cine industry.

He was born on 23 March 1951 in a small village called Ilanjambore near Mudukulathur in Tamil Actor Senthil PhotoRamanathapuram District. His parents were Ramamoorthi and Thirukammal. Senthil was married in 1984 May 04th with Kalaiselvi and they have two childrensHe ran away from his village at the age 12 due to his fathers scolding. He first joined an oil mart, then a private wine shop as bar attender and then landed up in drama where he started developing his skills.

He started acting in monor roles in the film and his first film was pasi in 1979. He also acted in some Tamil television series. He got an exposure though his perfomance in the film malayoorMmbattiyan. He usually appears in films with Goundamani in a slapstick double act. Together they have formed a comic pair in many Tamil films. Recently, Senthil has started acting in Tamil teleserials. He along with Koundamani was known as the Laurel and hardy of Tamil Cinema.

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