Tmil Actor Jithan Ramesh Profile

Tmil Actor Jithan Ramesh Profile


Original Born : Ramesh ChoudaryTamil Actor Jithan photo

Known as : Jithan Ramesh

D.O.B :  23 October 1982 (age 32)

Place of Birth : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Other names : Jithan

Occupation : Film actor, producer

Years active : 2005-present

Spouse : Shilpa Choudary

Parents  :  R. B.  Choudary

Relatives :  Jiiva (brother)

First Moive : Jithan

Zodiac : Libra

Height : 5 feet 9 inch

Tamil Actor Family PhotoJithan Ramesh is a Tamil and Telegu movie actor. His first movie was Telugu Film titled is his role in the Tamil movie Jithan which made him a star and movie was a super hit starring Sarath Kumar and Pooja Umashankar.

He is the son of film producer R. B. Choudary and actor Jeeva his brother. He famouse not even as a actor also as a film producer in tamilnadu. Ramesh began his career as a producer in 2010 with the film of ‘vaanam’ .

Jithan Ramesh is quite popular in the Tamil and Telugu film industries, and his seen in Simbu starrer ‘Osthe’ which was the remake of Bollywood hit film ‘Dabaang’. Latest news about Ramesh he is busy with the movie ‘Jithan 2’ which is suppose to release in this year.

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