Tamil Actor Vivek Profile

Actor Name: Vivek  

Actor Vivek Photo GalleryRealName: Vivekananthan

Star Title: Chinna Kalaivanar

Birth Date: 19th November 1961

Mother Tongue: Tamil

Eye colour: Black

Strength: Comedy

Hair Colour: Black

Spouse: Arulselvi Vivekananthan

Debut Movie: Manathil Uruthi Vendum

College: The American College, Madurai

Actor Vivek Photo GalleryVivekanathan is a Tamil film comedian from India. In contrast to other comedians in Tamil cinema, Vivek is more of a satirist than a slapstick comedian.   His movies draw humor from scenes of daily life in Tamil Nadu (especially Chennai) and the surrounding regions.

His jokes often relate to serious subjects, such as bribery, over-population, and political corruption among other things. He is more conscientious and his comedy has more serious undertones than that of his contemporaries.

He often targets hypocrisy in Indian society and politics and uses satire well to point out contradictions which are often taken for granted by people. He is also well known for his readiness to spoof almost any celebrity. He is mostly popular with urban people as his comedy is of more immediate relevance to them.

In rural areas, he is less popular than other comedians such as Vadivelu, Senthil, and Goundamani. He has starred in numerous films since the early 90s as a supporting actor and now as a main comedian.

He has entertained many in his most noted films such as Run, Namma Veetu Kalyanam, Dhool, M. Kumaran son of Mahalakshmi, and many others. He is famously called as Chinna Kalaivanar for his message-oriented comedies.

Vivek will appear in other films to come. He is most expected in the upcoming film Sivaji starring Rajinikanth and Shriya Saran. Vivek is playing the lead in the movie “Solli Adippen. Recently the CD release for Solli Adippen was held and Superstar Rajnikanth, Director Shankar, Director K. Balachander presided the function.


  1. Hallo Vivek,

    What ever i think in my mind that some information i want to give to the public (or social aspect) those things i can see in your movie.. In a great manner.
    In one comedy scene in the house while you come for theft every one is busy with there daily serials and crying and somebody seeing F-channel without knowing whats happening in their house.. Very Good news and informative. take care. Vimal(vimal_faith@yahoo.co.in)

  2. my name is ratna form america mr vivek sir i watch all your joke in movie it was wonderful and your comedy make me happy. all your comedy are the best, wish you continue always to make all the indian in world happy by sir good luck

  3. Hi,Vivek sir hw r u?
    Im your great fan..
    im one of the University student from Malaysia
    recently i saw ITFA. Congrats again.
    ” all of my friends like your role in GURU ENN AALU esspecialy “gopalllllllllll” heheh
    plz reply my mail

  4. hello vivek sir,
    This is anand from tirunelveli. i saw u in my village(PERUNKOTTUR) on 9.08.09. I am very happy on that day..

  5. Hi Vivek,

    Why do you smoke in almost all the movies? your good message is tarnished by this one act. Try not to smoke (at least on screen) – otherwise you are doing great – keep up the good job


  6. Hi Vivek Sir…
    How are you? Iam a very big fan of you..
    I love to see you in every movie,
    Why Sensar board is hiding ur voice in some jokes. Y? U R telling true?? Please tell us.

    Ur Chandru & vishwa

  7. Respected Mr: Vivekananthan(vivek),
    Hope that good projects are going on,I had seen your Talk during Kamal 50 brammantavizha through Vijay tv, in that Praising speech you said that core commette members has give a request to Tamilnadu C.M Mr:karunanidhi to change the Eldams Road name into Dr Padmsree Kamal Hassan’s name.What is the Logic in it Sir? As always you are Praising Dr:Abdul Kalam & Late Valluvor to the public, in that tongue you said these words.As an actor kamal is ok but in fornt of the society who is he? just call to your mind kamal’s life then you decide wether to change the name Eldoms.Sall i have your e-mail id or Mob no:(vivek’s) then i will inform you the truth. Kindly recall the request from C.M.
    With Regards,

  8. Hello Mr.Vivek:

    Hearty wishes to you. Am a vivid fan of yours. Never the less I have always admired your satirist roles in the tamil movies. Your personal intellectuality has always made me feel great about. Infact I keep waiting for your programmes on the television. The topics you choose and the way you present among the audience is praise worthy. I remember the interview you had conducted with our former president Dr. Abdul Kalam. It was joy to watch and I certainly hope the former president enjoyed interacting with you as well. There are many movies which I cannot mention for obvious resons wherein you have made people to laugh and think as well. Hats off to you for taking such intitiative. Yesterday, out of great expectation I watched your movie “Singam” I felt very disappointed. The comedy track was really very sad and pitiable state. As a well wisher I request you to please pay attention in selecting roles in future. All the best.

  9. hi my dear vivek.hru,i see ur robot music relise program.very nice ur coments very ice vivek.u r great vivek ‘i see urmany film.all film ur comedy is very fun.very good jokes tcx lot.god bless u and ur co edy.bye my dear vivek

  10. I am following all your comedies. To me after the Late Nagesh, you are the king. Oh yes, I do DJ, VJ and MC. Sometimes, I use your jokes (modified) for my shows.

    You sir are a guru in comedy for me…..

    Thank you very very much…

  11. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    vivek hw r u im frm srilanka

    im a big fan of u i see all of ur films in 1day 1 show

    my favourite of u is singam , sivaji,sandai and 12B

  12. Hello sir, I am ur great fan,ur comedies are excellent conveying some messages. I enjoy much,keep it up,Wishing u success in upcoming projects.

  13. Dear Mr Vivek

    I am from Malaysia and enjoy watching you. I like your jokes and your acting as well. Movies are to entertain the public, and you are doing a damn good job at it. I would like to meet you in person one of these days if it is possible. Anyway I only watch tamil movies that you are acting.

    thanks and take care


  14. dear vivek,

    i have tried my level best to contact u, bu in vain. i have even waited outside meenakshi college in chennai, because your children train tennis there, but i could not meet you. I LOVE U MORE THAN UR WIFE LOVES YOU, i am in london now, hope i will meet u one day. I LOVE U SO MUCH , SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH MY DEAR VIVEK.

  15. hai vivek, i am a great fan of u.i am lucky to sms you.i like your passion achievement,acting,etc…please give me your e mail id!

  16. hi, mr. vivek
    how are you. i am peer mohamed in nagercoil . you are very talented person and like my best comedian.

  17. i vivek your a actor but your movements are the same in all movies you talk to much most of it is begging for publicity from other flim stars i watched you in a show in mapillai release you dont need it you came alone and you will go alone my dear

  18. RESPECTED SIR, ur awesome sir and one sun and one moon and one vivek…enga family ah ungaluku periya fan…plz reply sir my mail id:vasansrn4@gmail.com…i am waiting 4 ur replz

  19. respected sir iam a student of priest (christian) i saw ur interview on thina thanthi which concern about environment which called PASUMAI KAALAM, really fentatic , i am very intrest in that i want to jai in that, also in this year in our college i am the in charge of invirone committee we have plan to have ENVIRONMENT AWARNESS DAY” IF U R FREE PLEASE COME AND GIVE ONE TALK ABOUT THE IMPORTENT OF THE ENVIRONMENT”
    THAK U

  20. respected Mr.Vivek sir, iam really appreciate ur work on PASUMAI KALAM by using green trees all over country.
    iam from palayamkottai of tirunelveli distirct. if possible if i get 10 to 15 trees/plants through u,, i may sue in my street and house too.
    is it possible to send ur address/email i.d.

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    email id:mallinnk@rediffmail.com
    expecting ur rep;ly egarly,

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  22. Dear Mr. Vivek,

    I would like to introduce myself as the president of Rotary Club of Tuticorin. I am eager to participate in your “tree plantation” program.

    Your are also welcome to our club to initiate the tree plantation. We have hundreds of volunteers to support.

    We in Rotary will make your dream come true. Kindly let us know your interest in joining hands with Rotary.

    yours lovingly,

  23. Dear Vivek sir,
    Right now i am doing my business in Madurai. I am very much interested to Mr.Kalam sir’s wards. So past six months every morning (2Hrs.) i give my maintenance service to our area’s (Anaiyur-madurai) young trees which already grown. I found there is lot of tree planting possible free places with surplus water source and good soil condition. Will you please joint this place to our tree sapling system.
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    J.K. GURU

  24. hello sir,
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  26. Vannakkam Sir,

    300 acres land errukku, ethai sale pannuvatharkku investor thevai, kuraintha alavoo invest seithal pothumanathu, unkalai partner- aaga serthukkolkirom, Ph.No. 9962751535.

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  28. Hi Vivek (Vivekananthan),
    Our family enjoy your meaningful jokes because that reflects your effort to improve and develop the state and country.

    “Don’t worry” as you say, India will shine and lead one day, very soon.

    Nathan Cumar
    Aug. 2011

  29. respected Mr.Vivek sir, iam really appreciate ur work on PASUMAI KALAM by using green trees all over country.
    iam from palayamkottai of tirunelveli distirct. if possible if i get 10 to 15 trees/plants through u,, i may sue in my street and house too.
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  30. Dear Sri Vivek Sir, I am Ravi.K. I am interested in Green Kalam Project. I am one among the members in social service organisation holding valuable post. We in the process of “Tree Planation” in and around our district (Namakkal). Hence, I kindly request you to be guest of Honor on that day. Give your convenient date for the programme, so that we can reduce global warming atleast in micron level and allow our youngsters to lead a healthiest life in the earth.

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  31. Hi Vivek sir, I am your fan, I have a suggestion for a new comedy. In Tamil the word Thiru is sacred as most temple towns like Thirupathi, Thirunageswaram, Thirunallar etc. start with Thiru. So the work of a thief called “Thirudan” in tamil is also sacred. Based on this create a comedy of your own.
    Thank you sir.

  32. Hi Vivek sir, I am your fan, i have a devotion story its name {vallishri murugan}god muruga include in the story {kadhal vs god}i was created this story lost five year’s pls accept my story

  33. dear vivek sir,
    i am senthi nathan,i am a teacher in pondicherry.i had heared your going to plant 50000 trees in pondicherry. i am very happy.i am also intrested same.so if you give the chance to my student they will be very happy and enjoy lot. they want to participated with you.please give the chance to us and motivate them. thank you sir bye bye

  34. Vanakkam,

    thanghalin padangal rumbae nalla irukku. nandri aanal tamil yenathai kudigara yenammake mathivedavendam thayavusaiythu cutting vasanang thavirke vendum.

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  35. hi vivek sir,
    first of all i want to wish u advance happy birthday
    you are doing very good job in cinema industry as well as in social service. this time im inviting you to conduct blood camps in Lions blood bank.
    Lions Blood Bank has been serving the blood needy personnel through the blood donated by donors. To ensure this blood connection we organize blood donation camp with the assistance of various organizations, industries, educational institutions etc.., it is in the connection we are approaching your esteemed assistance to organize blood donations camp at your set up and we are sure that you will able to be of yeomen hell in this noble cause
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  36. Hi Padhmasree Vivek ji,

    I hope you are fine, god will give more strength to you to swim in the cine field


    do you know…

    Every actor & actress is the lovable child to god because every actor & actress living after is death

    Actor and Actress always living with us he & she may win the death….!!!!

    I think you to cross some little miles to reach the Bharat Rathna award…

    Note: I met you in your b’day function that is celebrated in the Radio city FM
    and I am your long standing fan too….


    kt. Nathan

  37. Hi Padhmasree Vivek ji,

    I hope you are fine, god will give more strength to you to swim in the cine field

    You are the greater Comedy king…

    do you know…

    Every actor & actress is the lovable child to god because every actor & actress living after is death

    Actor and Actress always living with us he & she may win the death….!!!!

    I think you to cross some little miles to reach the Bharat Rathna award…

    Note: I met you in your b’day function that is celebrated in the Radio city FM
    and I am your long standing fan too….


    kt. Nathan

  38. hi gentle. Greats to you. I organized young revolutionary movement in coimbuture. I wanna join to your pasumai kalaam plan to work in my green city. Please contact me. 9488101156

  39. Anbukuriya thangalukku Vanakkam,
    thangalathu muyarchikku yenathu vazhthukkal. Iraivan thangalai menmelum AAservathikkattum.

  40. Hello sir how are you?I am a great fan of you and your comedies. “Manithargalai evan sirikka vaikirano avan iraivanukku miga arukil irukkiran” ithu neenga pala thadava solli irukkenga.UNGALUDAYA ELLA COMEDYLAUM NALLA KARUTTHUKKALAI SOLREENGA.I love you so much sir.

  41. Where is VIVEK? Is he still acting in films? If so what is his current film? We are very much eager to see his comedy.

  42. best comedy and u r giving good information to public and i wish u to give more information to village peoples
    about there thoughts and their activity pls do this needfull best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Dear Vivek Sir,
    I am inspired by your meaning full comedy, which makes people to think.

    The major killer of our country is Plastic Papers.
    It causes Global warming, Ruins the Soil (Soil infertility) and reduces the Rain fall.
    As you are aware, Plastic papers blocks all the sanitary pipes which leads to stagnant water resulting in ‎Dengue fever & Flooding in streets.

    I your Movies and Public Speech, I request you to kindly speak about the negative effects of using Plastic papers and appeal to our people to stop using Plastic Papers.
    Let’s save Tamilnadu & India from Global warming.

    Thank & Regards
    Y.Christopher, Bangalore
    Mob : 9980033764

  44. Respected Mr.Vivek,

    Namasta! I am selvi residing at chennai this mail is to just to tell Hello and also to remain u that i along with my father come to Hindu High School every Sunday for Humour Club. It is more than 20 years back . I hope u remember that days lots of humour heard from different people at Humour Club. My prays to u. U will be surprised why i did not communicate for very long years . Frankly speaking u r new movie is the best which made me to sent this mail. Please gohead with same move. God is always with u.
    Thanking you,


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